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lego shirtHello All!

Here we go into the summer.  We are all building franticly for our Lego convention, Brickslopes, which will be at the events center on the UVU campus in Utah county this June (More information at and then we hope to be at ComicCon Salt Lake in September.  We will then travel to Idaho Falls for their show the 2nd weekend in October and then back to Salt Lake for a show at the Southtowne expo center in November.   As each show gets closer, I will try to provide more info.  Hope to see you at some of these shows!


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  1. Please contact me so that I can get you the invitation to participate in the Intermountain Train Expo, in early November, at the South Towne Expo Center . We would really like you to be there in full force. We have plenty of ground floor acreage for you to set up.


    • Thanks for the e-mail. I’m part of the Utah Lego Users Group and I believe we are planning on attending. I’ll check with my group this weekend and let you know. Thanks. -Reed-

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