Ophir and Tintic Railroad show

•January 6, 2013 • Leave a Comment

Well it’s a new year and were kicking of right. Were joining with the Utah Lego User’s Group (ULUG) to bring you an all new layout for 2013. The updated layout will include awesome scenes form the fantasy classic Movie and Book Series The Lord of the Rings including Orthanac (Isengard Tower, The Shire, Helm’s Deep, Bruce Wayne’s Bat Cave in the City, A new Space layout and much much more.

We can promise that you will not be disappointed and you will be inspired to see what can be made out of simple LEGO Bricks. So Mark your calandars to Join us at the Ophir and Tintic Railroad Show at the Thanksgiving Point Show Barn.

Ophir and Tintic Rail Road Show:
Thanksgiving Point Show Barn
Friday January 16th and 17th 2013 3pm to 9pm
Saturday January 17th 2013 10pm to 6pm
$6/adults (ages 12 and up)
$5/Thanksgivng Point Members
*Children 11 and under are free

Welcome to our new Depot

•June 14, 2012 • 1 Comment

We want to take a minute and welcome you to the new train Depot for the Great Basin Lego Train Club.  We’re glad you found us, as we had to move from our old site hosted by Microsoft, when they got greedy and wanted to start charging us for our “free” hosting plan. Well we were taking any of that so here we are.

Take a minute and look around, we think you’ll like the new look, and don’t be alarmed if things are changing rapidly for a while, like any new home, there are improvements to be made and kinks to be worked out, and we’re addressing them as we can.

If your looking form more local lego information you can visit our “brother” club Utahlug.org, or help us with our Facebook campaign to bring a LEGO Store to Utah
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